What began as a hobby is now a passion. Over ten years ago, I began a journey in pottery and it has been a wonderful experience.  Over the years, I've completed numerous workshops, courses, and pottery lessons and have also learned much by trial and error.  In addition to my numerous responsibilities as a special education teacher, I've instituted a ceramics program for my students.

All of my handmade pottery is dishwasher, microwave, and oven-safe. This functional stoneware pottery is suitable for everyday use, as well as, special occasions.  Mugs, bowls, platters, piggybanks, and French butter dishes are just a few of the items I enjoy creating.  The colorful glazes are often inspired by nature and enhance the beauty of the pottery.

Locally produced art, such as pottery, makes a unique gift or a cherished addition for a home or business.
Dave Kraemer

Dave's Pottery by
David Kraemer
10 School Street
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Dave's Pottery
Updated March 2017